As a digestive after a meal

For the consumption of CR&F Reserve in celebrations among family and friends, at home or in your favourite restaurant, we suggest the usual balloon glass, upholding the tradition at the table.
The older brandies taste better drop by drop.
For the consumption of older brandies: CR&F Reserve Extra and CR&F 125 years – a tulip glass to allow for a greater concentration of aromas and to release them more gradually, so that you can savour the moment even more.
Use your first sense, your sight, for the tears that result from the body of the brandy, the alcohol, and reflect our experience in the art of making brandies.
We also recommend that you drink it at room temperature.
Then place a drop on your lips first to prepare your palate and let the other senses do their job. Try the countless combinations: on the one hand, light; on the other rich, and intense. Combinations that awaken memories and experiences from times past. CR&F is the timelessness of the moment.

Matching brandies at the table

The future takes us to many possibilities and pairing food and brandies is a memorable experience. Enhancing each aroma and each note, providing a sensory experience for an explosion of flavours.

The technique of pairing your dish with a CR&F brandy can be put into practice starting from the basics – understanding the similarity or contrast between the different flavours. The second step is experimenting in order to find the best combination.

We recommend pairing it with red meats, excellent seafood, and desserts with rich chocolate, caramel or roasted nuts.

Irreverent brandy

There are countless cocktails in which CR&F can surprise, renew and transform occasions into celebrations.

From the traditional cocktails to the irreverent ones, from the most aromatic and refreshing to the variations of warm drinks in winter, bartenders are starting to discover the appeal of brandies to make the most varied cocktails.

Storage Recommendations

Keep any bottle of CR&F brandy at the ideal temperature of 12ºC to 13ºC.

After opening, any bottle has consumption limits because despite its alcoholic richness, the oxidation of the aromas will not guarantee the initial quality standard. We recommend consuming within one year after opening.