CR&F Old Wine Brandy
Reserve Extra

The flavour of

Smoothness and softness for unique occasions.


The time we spend savouring the moment is the time we gain absorbing new knowledge and flavours.
The brandy that gains time absorbing new knowledge and flavours.
That is why we have allowed this remarkable Reserve Extra to stand the test of time, keeping it a little longer in oak wood and ageing the blend with all the flavour and identity of a tradition that is very much ours and that goes back a hundred years.
CR&F Old Brandy Reserve was born in 1950.
In the CR&F house there used to be a special 5,000 litre barrel reserved for family friends only. It was rarely opened, not for lack of occasions to celebrate, but because it was often forgotten due to the rush of days.

There was a moment of inspiration and the outcome was an unexpected surprise. Time had mellowed and enveloped the flavours and a unique liquid was found, unlike anything they had ever tasted.

The whole team was immediately assembled and they decided that this brandy had to reach the brand's enthusiasts, as they too deserved to enjoy it.
After some sensory and organoleptic tests, a brandy with a unique, rich and complex profile was produced, making it the perfect finishing touch for special meals.

And that is exactly what we want, that because of the occasion, the place or the company, it can make every moment last in time.
Every bottle is numbered and a limited edition batch is launched every year.
The brand's very distinctive elements – the rope and the wax seal – are always present.

An elegant silk-screen print that tells you a story in every glass.

A wooden stopper, always engraved with our greatest legacy – the iconic CR&F logo that always reminds us of the year 1895.

Tasting Notes

Dark topaz
Light oaky notes
In the mouth
Oaky, nutty and fruity